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Donald Trump Makes First Weekly Fox News search VIDEO

Trump has developed in the news more than ever recently, Thanks to his purported mulling of a presidential run and his dubious comments about President Obama’s citizenship. The hubbub has had Trump more than his fair share of criticism. The New York Times’ Gail Collins ripped him in a sat column, saying that Trump has changed his politics so much that “by simply 2016, He’ll probably be talking about his affinity for the Alaskan Independence Party or the Whigs, And recounting a sticky exchange she had whilst billionaire:

Other outlets also have mocked Trump rather brutally, And cable news pundits of all stripes have dismissed his birther like comments about obama. Glenn Beck distanced himself from Trump a week ago, announcing he makes him “annoying” And getting in touch with him a “Showboat,

Trump’s friend Mika Brzezinski also weighed in, nevertheless the magnate was “that promotes hate” And telling the new york Times, “such as friends don’t let friends drive drunk, Friends are honest collectively,

Even actually staid CNN weighed in, With anchor Carol Costello sales calls Trump a “tall tale” And sarcastically mocking his birther practices.

For his component, Trump has always been unfazed by all of the brickbats, And the first installment of his Fox News segment was a somewhat cheerful affair.

via “Fox and relatives, He spoke to the team on the telephone, Weighing in on quite a few the budget battles in Congress to the latest “Celebrity beginner” To his arrival on “The O’Reilly point to consider, Which he known as “probably the biggest show” O’Reilly had truly done.

Trump also spoke your rumor that Oprah wants to give him an on air makeover. He joked that this lady has a “threatening plan” To render him so hideous that he would be no match in a presidential run against barack obama.