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Kuipers tells of crash horror From The Argus

“There are some things you change after you already went through a an experience like that and some things you appreciate more than you did before, Just life normally.

“Now I enjoy on a daily basis. Wholeasle NFL Jerseys
this is the attitude I have taken to life since the accident and so far that positive attitude has helped a lot with my recovery,

Kuipers believes his trained in the Dutch marines helped him remain calm
after the accident, But says the whole experience was still very menacing.

“When you are trapped in a car and you can’t get out and the fire brigade is cutting you out and you have an
oxygen supply because you cannot breathe it is very scary.

“When you are airlifted to hospital and you’ve got a brace around your neck and tubes everywhere inside your arm it is very scary, But it’s an experience you have to deal with. I stayed at really

settle. I was in shock but I didn’t panic and that made it easier for the medical staff to treat me,

Kuipers was treated at the queen Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath. He faced an anxious wait before learning he wasn’t seriouslyThe married father of one explained: “When I arrived at the hospital there was a trauma team there and various specialists examining my body for damage.

“When they said the main danger was gone that is when I thought ‘I am going to get through this’.

“It can go the actual most two ways. It can make you weak and low on confidence or make you stronger and I’m looking for stronger because of Wholeasle NFL Jerseys

Kuipers, Who viewed Albion’s 1 1 draw with Port Vale at Withdean on Friday, Does not know when he will be fit again to undermine Ben Roberts for the No. 1 jersey.

It was just like any other morning for Michel Kuipers. He kissed wife Rebecca and their 17 month old son Duke goodbye before triggering on the 20 minute journey into training with Albion.

Kuipers took his usual short cut from his home in Haywards Heath to the sports complex at the as well as college of Sussex, Falmer.

so what happened next changed the life of the popular Dutch goalkeeper and left him fearing he would never see his family or team mates again.

Kuipers, when driving of Rebecca’s yellow sports Mazda, Was related to a car crash with a Vauxhall Astra, powered by a policewoman, On the infamous accident blackspot of Ditchling Beacon Road.

The policewoman steered clear of with a wrist injury, But it looked much worse than that to begin with for Kuipers. Fighting for breath and trapped in the remains, He needed to be cut free by the fire brigade and

Airlifted to the queen Royal Hospital at Haywards Heath.

Fellow players feared the worst when manager Mark McGhee broke the news to them after working out.

By the afternoon it emerged Kuipers had come through sort of unscathed. He been through cuts to his face and bruising to his chest, A lap, filtering system and groin, a fantastic escape considering

destruction to Rebecca’s car.

His wife and son were the first one to visit him in hospital. “When Duke saw me he was crying and really having a panic attack, Kuipers displayed. “But when he realised I would be okay he was really happy.

“it’s strange. He will only be 17 months, But he realised what occuring. It is the best Christmas ever for me, Because this isn’t times when I did not think I was actually

gonna be here,

The identity of the next hospital visitor after the crash emphasised how well liked Kuipers is within club.

“a person’s chairman (Dick knight) Was the second person to visit me, Which was great, Kuipers reported. “I looked in a bad state as they quite simply

Hadn’t rinsed me up, So he was quite floored. He said he was there for me and to fit me. It was really special that he did that and it was really respected,

The fans love Kuipers too. the first kind Dutch marine, Who moved into knowledgeable football in England with Bristol Rovers, Played a leading role in Albion’s continual Third and Second Division.